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Atlantis Downhole Probe



The Atlantis borehole tool consists of an accurately calibrated tri-axial fluxgate magnetometer in a slimline probe. It is designed to be used as a receiver sensor for borehole TEM and other borehole geophysical survey types requiring the accurate measurement of AC magnetic fields. Atlantis carries out a range of automated operations, including the measurement of DC geomagnetic fields.


Atlantis is a popular tool in the mineral exploration industry, being used for borehole EM and MMR techniques. Sensitive accelerometers measure the tilt and rotation of the probe. The Atlantis tool is powered by its own batteries and runs on standard 2-core and 4-core logging systems common in the geophysical industry.

Atlantis is capable of accepting instructions from the SMARTem receiver or from a stand-alone computer. The SMARTem receiver automates the process of taking a measurement. Results of a measurement of the 3 components are automatically processed and rotated into borehole-referenced directions.

Downloads for Atlantis can be found on the downloads page. Please contact us should you require more information.


The DigiAtlantis system is now available. It represents a new generation borehole EM system with 24-bit, rapid, simultaneous sampling of the magnetometer's three components to improve data quality and significantly increase efficiency.

This system provides fully customisable colour display of raw and processed data as profiles or decays. Real-time data viewing and signal processing results in improved QA and QC.

Complete system specifications, software downloads and probe calibrations are available through our product brochure on the downloads page. Please contact us should you require more information.