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ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology
SMARTem24 SMARTx4 Transmitter DigiAtlantis Maxwell CSIRO Interface SMART Fluxgate
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Expect big things from the next generation of the system that is setting the benchmark.


SMARTem24 has been designed to be efficient in the field and to deliver the highest quality data. This compact, portable, 16-channel, PC-based package is the next generation of a system that has already set the benchmark in electrical geophysical surveys. The GPS synchronisation, small footprint, long-life batteries, a library of sensors to choose from and a bright colour touchscreen make this instrument a pleasure to operate. With the powerful signal processing software you have come to expect from a SMARTem receiver, full time-series recording and 24-bit ADCs make SMARTem24 data the best you will see anywhere.

  • 24-bit ADCs
  • Gains of 1,10,100 on each channel
  • GPS and crystal synchronisation
  • Up to 16 input channels, each with ADC and amplifier
  • Up to 120,000 samples per second on each channel
  • +/-10 V input range
  • Full 24-bit time-series recording and playback
  • Portable, lightweight and rugged
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Tablet touchscreen and keyboard entry
  • Download data via network, USB or memory cards
  • Hot-swap internal batteries
  • EM, IP and other survey types
  • Controls a range of transmitters
  • Interface to any sensor
  • Powerful GUI to display signals and data
  • Survey planning
  • Import and display base maps
  • Add notes and comments as you go
  • Monitor survey progress in plan view
  • Display scope, decays, spectra, profiles, pseudo-sections and plan
  • Standard ASCII file formats
  • Synchronised transmitter controller, with optional recording of current

The SMARTem24 receiver instrument runs the same powerful software for acquisition as is available for desktop QC and setup use. Multiple hardware configurations are dynamically loadable; including representations for the new DigiAtlantis borehole tool. Desktop users can use the hardware wizard to load hardware representations and configure channels, sensors and survey settings in a project for later field use on an instrument. Two user levels are provided allowing full configurability for super-users and a limited set of functionality and configurability for field users to minimise project and data corruption.

SMARTem24 Receiver

Software features include:

  • One program for data acquisition and post-survey processing / analysis on the instrument itself or on other PCs
  • Display of scope, spectrum analyser, plan, profile, decay and pseudo-sections
  • Preference profiles saved for each user
  • Create custom displays with multiple panels, eg plan, profile and decay
  • Extensive online help
  • Survey planning utilities and functions
  • Powerful stacking, filtering, windowing and signal processing
  • Library of sensor types and appropriate data units to select
  • Raw, stacked and processed data files generated
  • Software and firmware updates can be easily performed by the user
  • Specialised functions written on request

Additional instrument utilities implement the following features:

  • Advanced battery management algorithms for extended runtime, regardless of whether the acquisition software is running
  • Real-time status and troubleshooting pop-ups via the system tray
  • Easy firmware updates
  • SMARTem24 user management, controlling the level of configuration available to field crews
SMARTem24 Receiver

SMARTem24 users are provided exclusive online access to our searchable online SMARTem FAQ in addition to PDF based documentation covering usage of the software and hardware systems including specifications, electrical characteristics, pin-out and wiring information.

Downloads for SMARTem24 can be found on the downloads page. Please contact us should you require more information.