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ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology
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SMARTx4 Geophysical Transmitter

SMARTx4 is EMIT's next-generation quality EM transmitter system for reliable, efficient and safe operation.

EMIT Transmitter
  • Up to 3.6kW output
  • A complete EM transmitter solution including in-built GPS synchronisation.
  • Maximum continuous operating current 40A
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage 180V
  • Duty cycle 50% or 100% or selectable
  • Internal regulated DC supply, power-factor-corrected, for clean square-wave output
  • Single-phase 50Hz/240V, Single-phase 60Hz/110V, 3-phase 50Hz/415V and 3-phase 400Hz/ 208V input power options
  • Electronics are rugged and sealed - dust and water resistant
  • Automated synchronisation with receiver via internal GPS, internal crystal clock or external clock
  • Provision to drive an external dummy load to smooth demand from generator
  • Automated damping of transmitter loop
  • 4 line x 20 character front panel LCD with display of current, voltage and important status details
  • 24-bit capture and logging of transmitted waveforms to removable memory card
  • Live display of transmitter current and voltage waveforms via Ethernet interface
  • Extensive safety features
  • Connectors that prohibit exposure of any live contacts
  • Prominent emergency stop button
  • Developed for operation in a wide range of temperature conditions
  • Shock mounted transport case