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ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology
SMARTem24 SMARTx4 Transmitter DigiAtlantis Maxwell CSIRO Interface SMART Fluxgate
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ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology develops instrumentation and software for geophysical applications.

SMARTem24 is the newest receiver technology in the electrical geophysics market and is used with a wide range of transmitters and sensors. DigiAtlantis is the only 3-component fluxgate borehole EM system that collects all 3 components simultaneously. Signals are digitised in the probe, with high fidelity results.

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The SMARTem24 is the next generation of the SMARTem Receiver System for EM and IP surveys with 24-bit ADCs, up to 16 channels, GPS synchronisation, a colour screen and the powerful SMARTem signal processing.  An optional   Transmitter Controller is capable of recording transmitter current waveforms.
EMITs new smart fluxgate is a solid, hard-wearing platform integrating accelerometers for orientation measurement. Accurately calibrated for orientation and sensitivity, they are compatible with SMARTem24 (for full functionality) and other receivers. Geomagnetic field (total and vector) measurement is available.
SMARTx4 Geophysical Transmitter
DigiAtlantis is a unique, GPS-synchronised 3-component borehole fluxgate magnetometer system for EM, MMR and magnetics surveys. Data for all 3 components is simultaneously sent digitally to the surface on standard cable making it the fastest borehole EM system available. The perfect system for discriminating good conductors from weaker ones.
Maxwell is industry-standard, user-friendly software for dealing with EM geophysical data, whether it is time-domain, frequency-domain, airborne, ground or borehole.  It offers QC, display, processing and modelling of all types of EM data and is constantly evolving to deal with new challenges in EM and new EM systems.